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Apostle Ify J Ugbala

Our growth as a spiritual community occurs from the active participation of all members. Apostle Ify Ugbala is responsible for encouraging and maintaining our Church culture by being an active leader in our ever growing community. A survivor of breast cancer, she is a testimony of the powerful grace of God. Like she will always say, 

This life will throw all kinds of issues at us but there is a God who is bigger than all of these issues. That same God is our God who makes every situation to work for our benefit no matter how bad.

I should know. Breast cancer tried to stop me in my tracks but God is bigger than that and I am here today cancer free!

Stay strong and always remember that if God is for you then nothing in this life can stand against you.

Apostle Ify Ugbala makes our services more enjoyable, and leaves a lasting impression on congregants. To set up a meeting, an interview, or to invite Apostle Ify to speak at your event, reach out and contact us!

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